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Frykówka Restaurant

The restaurant is located on Pszczyna market in a historic house, whose traditions date back to the eighteenth century. Our guests look Silesian cuisine, traditional Polish, Italian and a wide range of wines. We organize the adoption official, environmental, private, and catering. In our restaurant we provide a unique atmosphere, professional service and excellent cuisine. During the year, we invite you to organize our day of world cuisine, regional cuisine days, Oktoberfest, Beaujolais wine festival and the feast day of St. geese. Martin.

Restaurant belong to the Silesian tastes Culinary Trail.

In Silesian Tastes Menu we recommend:

Rynek 3
43-200 Pszczyna
in the city/town centre
General Information
: pizza restaurant, restaurant, szlak kulinarny
: Silesian
Contact data
: + 48 32 449 00 20
: whole year

Mon-Thu 10:00-22:00

Fri-Sat 10:00-24:00

Sun 12:00-22:00


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Pszczyna is an old town founded as a settlement next to the Piast stronghold. The medieval origins are reflected in the layout of the town center characteristic for the contemporary ways of building towns. The heart of the town is the market square surrounded with the neo -Baroque town hall, the Evangelical church and houses of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which is regarded the most beautiful in Silesia. The gridiron plan is enclosed by defense walls. The regularity is only disturbed by the palace and park complex adjacent to the town.
The church of All Saints is the oldest shrine in Pszczyna. It was mentioned for the first time in the first half of the fourteenth century. It served solely for the residents of Pszczyna. The residents of the surrounding villages attended the church of Saint Hedwig. The current late Baroque edifice of the church results from the reconstruction carried out in the eighteenth century. Inside, the most valuable monument is the miraculous image of Our Lady of Pszczyna.
Śląskie oblaty, kopalnioki, szkloki, amoloki, cukierki kawowe i kakaowe, śliwki w czekoladzie, czarna krówka przyprawy Oma, makarony Oma, żur śląski. W Czechach jest lázeňský oplatek, na Słowacji - oblatky, w Niemczech - oblaten, a my mamy śląskie oblaty.
Castle in Pszczyna, which probably dates back to the eleventh century, is now a Baroque residence, whose shape is the result of several reconstructions made in the following centuries. It is one of the most valuable monuments of this kind in Poland, which is additionally reinforced by the fact that its original furnishings have been preserved to this day. For years, after the war, the castle has been a museum with some interesting collections – including, amongothers, militaria and miniatures.
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The 'Silesian Tastes' Culinary Route
The restaurant is located on Pszczyna market in a historic house, whose traditions date back to the eighteenth century.
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The Restaurant is located near Paprocany Lake in Tychy and specializes in Silesian cuisine.
Hotel is located in the city centre, in historical bulding from 1902 (former remand centre). For guests: café, drink bar, car park. Close to the hotel are the Pszczyna Castle, the Castle Park, Etnographic Park, golf course, bike trails. The hotel has in offer guided tours.
We offer free individual and organized groups of attractively priced accommodation in the House Staff ELWO SA The hotel is located in close proximity to the historic center Pszczyna, near bus and railway stations. To offer our guests 90 beds, including single-and double-bed. We also offer a conference room for 30 people, designed to organize ...
For guests: dining room, luggage storage, safe, parking, breakfast and dinner to prepare on their own, a possibility to order meals. "Marco" has 55 beds.
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