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Smażalnia pod Lasem - fish restaurant

The restaurant is decorated in traditional, country style and offers the best fish cuisine in Krakow-Czestochowa Upland. All dishes served in the restaurant are prepared with fish bred here and local specialities. 

The place offers also tasty homemade preserves and various smoked fish.  
The Restaurant "Smażalnia pod lasem" belongs to the "Silesian Taste" Culinary Trail.

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street Leśna 10
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the country
General Information
: restaurant, other
: regional, vegetarian
Contact data
: +48 604 38 11 63
Prices & amenities
: air conditioning, non-smoking place, car park, bicycle parking station
: whole year

 Opening hours:

Monday- closed
Tuesday- 12-18
Wednesday- 12-18
Thursday- 12-18
Friday- 12-20
Saturday- 12-20
Sunday- 12-20

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In Julianka, a village located to the north of Złoty Potok, there is an interesting railroad station with a splendid main building and a nearby water tower. These buildings were erected in 1911 on the railway line between Kielce and Częstochowa. This grand station served, among others, guests of the Counts of Raczyński from Złoty Potok. In 1976, the station was the scene of one of the worst railroad disasters in Polish history.
Janów is a village lying in the periphery of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. Originally, it was a town founded by Jan Aleksander Koniecpolski, voivode of Sieradz, in the 17th century. The town was named after its founder’s first name. To this day, it has retained a unique market and some parts of the small-town building areas. The town was the place of the battles during the January Uprising.
The church of Saint Nicholas of Przyrów is a small shrine of an unusual shape. It is located 1.5 km to the southwest of the center of the village. It was built probably in the late seventeenth century. The church is made of limestone and covered with a shingled roof. The sanctuary is oriented. The tower on a square plan stands on the west side, and the circular chancel, topped with a dome, adjoins the wide nave.
The church in Janów is a building dating from the years 1921-1923. This is the third, successive church standing on the same site. It was erected in the neo-Baroque style. Previously, there was a wooden church from 1709, here, then replaced with a brick one from 1878. These buildings were not lucky, as was Janów itself, burned by the Russian army during the January Uprising, and later shelled by the Germans during the First World War, and finally devastated by two fires in the first half of the twentieth century.
Złoty Potok
One of the monuments of Złoty Potok associated with Zygmunt Krasiński is a Classicist mansion built by Wincenty Krasiński, poet’s father, in the first half of the nineteenth century. Wincenty Krasiński bought this property in 1851. Zygmunt, one of our three national poets, stayed here twice. During his second visit in 1857, he learned the area quite well, which resulted in giving certain names to the surrounding objects. Currently, the mansion houses a museum.
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Zapraszamy do przedwojennej, drewnianej Gajówki malowniczo położonej pośród lasów Jury Krakowsko - Częstochowskiej. Dom jest otoczony lasem i w związku z tym - nie mamy sąsiadów. W domu do dyspozycji gości są 2 pokoje dwuosobowe i 1 pokój czteroosobowy. Dla każdego pokoju przygotowaliśmy łazienkę. Do dyspozycji gości pozostaje również w pełni wyposażona, duża kuchnia.
„Chata pod Żurawiem” to idealne miejsce na wspaniały wypoczynek. Na terenie naszego gospodarstwa znajdują się 3 chaty góralskie.
Domek samodzielny, wyłącznie do dyspozycji gości. Pokój 3 - 5 osobowy (telewizor), kuchnia wyposażona do przygotowywania posiłków (kuchenka gazowa, lodówka) oraz łazienka.
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