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Zacisze Restaurant

The history od Inn in Brzezce dates back in 1640. Today restaurant is a continuation of the family tradition and well know for their delicious Polish and Silesian cuisine. 

It is located 8 km from the route Katowice - Wisła and 10 km from the route Katowice – Bielsko. It’s a perfect place for relax while travelling. In addition, restaurant recommends a variety of salads, delicious Italian coffee, wines from all over the world and desserts.

The restaurant is a member of the “Silesian Tastes” Culinary Trail.

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street Ofiar Faszyzmu 4
43-200 Pszczyna
in the city/town
General Information
: restaurant, szlak kulinarny
: Polish, Silesian
Contact data
: +48 32 2120347
Prices & amenities
: air conditioning, car park, we accept payments
: whole year

Mon- Thu 9:00- 22:00

Fri- Sun 9:00 - ....

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Description forthcoming
There are about 30 forester's lodges and ranger’s shelters in the area of the Pless Forest. Some of them boast of being even of over a hundred years old. They testify to intensive forest management, which was conducted by the long-standing owners of the forest, the successive lords of Pless. One of the most interesting objects of Czarne Doły, a forest complex located to the west of the Łącki Reservoir is a forester’s lodge from around 1905.
The Palace "Pheasantry", also known as "Duke's Pheasantry", is a late-Classicist residence in Pszczyna Poręba. It was built at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The building, designed by Wilhelm Push, was founded by Friedrich Erdmann, Duke of Pszczyna. The name refers specifically to the local breeding of pheasants, which, incidentally, was part of a hunting farm to complement defects in the local fauna, systematically being eradicated by hunters.
n the picturesque village of Suszec, which is located in the district of Pszczyna, it is worth visiting an ethnographic exhibition with the artifacts collected for years. The collection was initiated by the Szender family, whose ambitions, apart from collecting old items, was to create a museum. The local items include household appliances, agricultural implements, costumes and objects associated with religious worship.
The church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary located in Studzionka near Pszczyna was built in the first half of the nineteenth century. It replaced an older, wooden building, which had burned down in 1822. Stylistically, the building refers to the Classicism. The tower was added after a hundred years, in the last century. It is crowned with a bulbous helmet and a lantern. On the north side of the church we can find two stone conciliation crosses.
Łąka is a village lying in the province of Pszczyna. It was founded under the German town law at the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth century. From its inception, the local parish belonged to the Diocese of Kraków. We do not have any information about the time of the original construction of the church, because it burned down in 1658, together with the documents stored in. We know that it was a church of Saint Hedwig. The patron of the new shrine, built shortly thereafter, was Saint Nicholas. The church is located on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
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The history od Inn in Brzezce dates back in 1640. Today restaurant is a continuation of the family tradition and well k... More>>
The restaurant is located on Pszczyna market in a historic house, whose traditions date back to the eighteenth century.
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For guests: dining room, luggage storage, safe, parking, breakfast and dinner to prepare on their own, a possibility to order meals. "Marco" has 55 beds.
Wisła Mała
The hotel is situated in Wisła Mała on the road Pszczyna-Strumień, nearby the Goczałkowickie Lake.
We offer 19 comfortable single, double or triple rooms with cozy interiors for 45 persons and apartments with full equipment.
Kwatera Myśliwska Osowiec zlokalizowana jest w osadzie leśnej o nazwie Osowiec w Sołectwie Piasek – Nadleśnictwo Kobiór. Jest to polana w centrum lasu, w odległości ok. 1 km od „drogi szybkiego ruchu” DK 1, między Tychami a Pszczyną.
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