Culinary Route "Silesian Tastes" - About the trail
Update date: 23 October 2013
Agnieszka Łach ŚOT

About the trail

        The 'Silesian Tastes' Culinary Route comprises of resturants and diners serving tarditional dishes of the region. The dishes prepared by traditional recipes present the best of regional cuisine. When following the Route one can taste the typical silesian cuisine, but also cuisines of Jura, Zagłębie or the Beskids and see how varied this cuisine is.

        Typical silesian cuisine is worth tasting: rolada z kluskiami i modrą kapustą (roulade with soft, mushy dumplings and red cabbage), wodzionka (soup made from stale bread, fat and water), or hekele (pâté made from herrings chopped with eggs, pickles and onions); also less known dishes: czestochovian dumplings, Jewish caviar, goulash made of goose stomachs or Cistercian sour soup.

       We invite you to tasty and interesting trips by the 'Silesian Tastes' Culinary Route.