Маршрут кулинарный "Силезские Вкусы" - Krupnioki śląskie (silesian sausages) - a regional product
Дата добавления: 16 июля 2019
Agnieszka Łach ŚOT

Krupnioki śląskie (silesian sausages) - a regional product

      A regional product is a product that has been produced in a given region. When listing such products, they are usually referred to by names related to the location on the map of a given place. Regional products are products from a given place, whose high quality and reputation is associated with this region or the area in which they arise.

      Among such products were also "krupnioki śląskie" (silesian sausages), a kind of sausage composed of pork with offal, with the addition of blood, buckwheat or barley, or both. As seasonings, onions, pepper and allspice are used. Krupnioki śląskie is one of the most characteristic meat products of the region, and its production in the past was associated with pig slaughter.

     The name "krupnioki śląskie" was registered by the European Commission as "Protected Geographical Indication" - a European mark awarded to regional products of exceptional quality with a name referring to the place where it is produced and highlighting its relationship with this place, whose name also refers to this region.

     "Krupnioki śląskie" enjoys unflagging popularity not only in Silesia, but also throughout the country. The gastronomic guide "Michelin" mentions "krupnioki śląskie" as one of the Polish regional products. It can be produced only in the Śląskie and Opolskie provinces as well as in the Dziadowa Kłoda commune (Dolnośląskie province).