'Discover Silesian Tastes'
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'Discover Silesian Tastes'

'Discover Silesian Tastes' Contest Rules


§ General Provisions

1. The Contest is organized by the Silesian Tourist Organisation, registered in the National Court Register under number 0000196452, hereinafter referred to as the 'Organizer'.

2. Organizer's address is: 40-080 Katowice, ul. Mickiewicz 29.

3. E-mail address, through which the Organizer can provide information regarding the contest, is: poczta@slaskiesmaki.pl.

4. Contest rules are available at the Organizer's office and on the website www.slaskiesmaki.pl.


§ 2. Aims

The aim of the Contest is to encourage visiting of the venues on the 'Silesian Tastes' Culinary Route and active exploring of tourist attractions and culinary traditions of the region.


§ 3. Contest Rules

1. The Contest consists in collecting at least 7 stamps in venues forming 'Silesian Tastes' Culinary Route listed in section 2 of this paragraph of the Rules, on the designated place of the 'Discover Silesian Tastes' promotional flyer.

2. Venues taking part in the Contest:

  • Browar Czenstochovia,
    Restauracja Pod Ratuszem,
    Zajazd Hetman,
    Restauracja Hotelu Villa Verde **** Congress&Spa,
    Restauracja Szybu Maciej,
    Restauracja Sunlight angelo Hotel Katowice ****,
    Restauracja Kuchnia Otwarta,
    Restauracja Moodro,
    Restauracja Dwór Bismarcka,
    Cukiernia Cichoń,
    Zajazd Kasztelański,
    Restauracja Pod Prosiakiem,
    Restauracja Enklawa,
    Restauracja Ośrodka Szkoleniowo- Wypoczynkowego Stodoły,
    Restauracja Hotelu Spa Laskowo,
    Restauracja Rączka Gotuje,
    Restauracja Smak Regionu,
    Restauracja Zacisze,
    Karczma Wiejska,
    Restauracja Frykówka,
    Warownia Pszczyńskich Rycerzy,
    Karczma Rogata,
    Restauracja Korbasowy Dwór,
    Restrauracja Liburnia,
    Restauracja Stara Karczma,
    Restauracja Zagłębie Smaku,
    Chata Olimpijczyka Jasia i Helenki,
    Restauracja Kameralna,
    Restauracja Zielony Ogród.



3. The exact contact data of the venues where stamps can be collected can be found at www.slaskiesmaki.pl and on the websites of the venues.

4. The stamps should be collected on a designated place of the 'Discover Silesian Tastes' flyer. After filling the page with stamps it becomes a Contest Coupon.. 

5. The 'Discover Silesian Tastes' flyer can be obtained in the venues taking part in the Contest, at the Organiser's office and the Tourist Information Points in towns in which there are venues of Culinary Route (the venues are listed on the website www.silesia. travel/tourist information), and at tourism fairs in which the Silesian Tourist Organisation is an exhibitor. It can also be downloaded from the website www.slaskiesmaki.pl (bookmark 'Discover Silesian Tastes' Contest).


§ 4.Conditions of participation

1. The Contest is nationwide and open to all individuals.

2. Each participant has their 'Discover Silesian Tastes' flyer which enables them to participate in the Contest. The back page of the 'Discover Silesian Tastes' flyer with collected stamps is a Contest Coupon. Underage participants must attach to the Contest Coupon a written consent of their parents or legal guardians to participate in the Contest.

3. In order to participate in the Contest, a participant has to send the original 'Discover Silesian Tastes' flyer with a minimum of seven (7) stamps obtained in the venues after purchasing of the dishes recommended by the Silesian Tourist Organisation from the 'Silesian Tastes' menu, along with the completed and signed application form.

4. A participant may submit one Contest Coupon and is entitled to only one prize during the Contest.

5. The Contest Coupon must be sent by registered mail to the address: Silesian Tourist Organisation, ul. Mickiewicza 29, 40-080 Katowice with a note 'Discover Silesian Tastes' in the time from the announcement of the Contest until further notice.

6. The Contest Prizes are promotional materials of 'Silesian Tastes' Culinary Route, including: 'Compendium of regional recipes of the Silesian Province', shopping bags and promotional publications of the Silesian Province. The amount of awards is limited.


§ 5. Privacy Policy

1. The administrator of personal data is the Silesian Tourist Organisation.

2. Participants are required to consent to the processing of their personal data by the Organizer.

3. Personal data shall be processed solely for the purposes of the Contest to the extent necessary for its proper conduct (Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 101, poz. 926, z późn. zm.). Submission of personal data is voluntary, but required for granting of the Contest prizes.

4. The participant has the right to inspect their personal data, to correct them and to request their withdrawal, but it is synonymous with resignation from participation in the Contest.


§ 6. Final Provisions

1. The Organizer reserves the right not to be held responsible for events that prevent the proper conduct of the Contest which were impossible to predict or which could not be prevented, in particular in case of fortuitous events, including force majeure.

2. The Organizer reserves the right to change the provisions of the Contest Rules in the case of changes in legislation or other significant events affecting the organization of the Contest.

3. The Contest is not a gambling game within the meaning of the Act of 19 November 2009 on Gambling (Dz. U. z 2009 r., nr 201, poz. 1540, z późn. zm.).

4. These Contest Rules come into effect on the date of launching of the Contest i.e. 22 March 2013 and are valid until further notice.



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