Data dodania: 12 dubna 2010
Autor: rafal

Chefs to start!

Silesian Tourist Organisation has adopted the declaration of teams wanting to compete for the gold and the title of Expert Colander Silesian Tastes 2010. The contest is part of the V Festival Silesia Flavours ®, which will be held June 19 in the Gold Creek near Janow (Cracow-Czestochowa Jura).Organized by the Silesian Silesian Tourist Organization Flavours Festival ® permanently inscribed in the calendar of events for popularizing the local specialties.

We invite you to participate in a cookery competition, which is an integral part of the event. On the application teams - both professionals and amateurs - are waiting until Friday, May 21. Seats are limited - including the contest is open to 24 teams.

Chefs will compete for the prestigious title of Expert Śląskich Tastes and Golden colander. Entries can be sent by mail, fax or mail (address in the rules of the contest, which, together with the cards zgłoszeniowymi is available below.)

We cordially invite you to party!

* * *
Silesian Festival of Taste ® is organized by the Silesian Tourist Organization, Johns Municipality and the Silesian Culinary Group.
The project is financed from the budget of the Marshal Office of Silesia.

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