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We chose Experts Śląskich Tastes!

On Saturday, June 19, the Golden Stream hovered Silesian tastes incredible aroma. Excellent cuisine, great teams and the mass of additional facilities have attracted the meadows of Americans over the pond a few thousand inhabitants, not only the region of Silesia.Traditionally najsmaczniejszym event was the cooking competition in which the title of Expert Slaskie Tastes 2010, a statue of the Golden colander and attractive prizes battled 18 teams - 10 amateurs and 8 in profesjonalistó.

Tried to taste the competition:
- Hanna Szymanderska - cuisine expert and author of many excellent cookbooks;
- Joanna Bartel - known and popular actress and cabaret artist, an expert in the kitchen;
- Lydia Gray - Circle of Country Representative in Ornontowicach, three times winner of the Golden Colander, who decided to give a chance to win other housewives;
- Danuta Tomza - Johns municipal councilor, representative of the Silesian Centre of Agricultural Advisory Service;
- Wieslaw Ambros - cook, Poland Chapter of Taste;
- David Pietrasz - Chef Restaurant "saffron Manor Czeladz, Silesia Group Cooking;
- Arthur Kupczyk - secretary of the jury, chef Silesian Culinary Group;
- Robert Poliński - jury chairman, Unilever culinary expert Wroclaw.

The winners of the culinary competition V Festival "Silesian Tastes" ® are:
1st place-Kilerów Two, hotel Qubus Katowice
- Smoked breast of goose with the traditional way of Silesia Szalot
- Maszket rhubarb
- Duet with creamy pumpkin and nettle
- Leg of duck with rich noodles and grated apples

2nd Place-Restaurant "Old Bakery", Pszczyna
- Desert Princess Daisy - Parfait with halva
- Prince broth with noodles
- Leg of goose stuffed with apples and season with green noodles

3rd place-Recreation Center-Training "Zagroń" Istebna
- Cake with blueberries
- Maciek in kapuśnicy
- Smoked bacon and cabbage


1st place - Team of the family Czarków
- Potato pancakes with goulash of venison
- Chicken soup with dumplings made of black ducks
- Quail with gravy, mashed roses and asparagus in cream sauce

2nd place-KGW Wisla United
- Wiski pate of chicken with garlic sauce
- Sour mushroom pasta
- Karminadle Pszczyna bagged, potatoes, beets with horseradish

3rd place-folk group "Familijo" Skrzyszów
- Yeast Biscuits with jam
- Fazole with cream and potatoes
- Roast veal with noodles and salad

This year's festival was the novelty of an open competition for the best tincture. Of the dozen or so declared to be the best traditional wines were:
- Pszczyński soup - Restaurant "Old Bakery", Pszczyna;
- Tarninówka - Mrs Danuta Kuczyńska-Pytel of Janow;
- Rabarbarówka - pp. Chris and Elizabeth Nowrotek the Vistula Great.

As every year the Festival "Silesian Tastes" ® was the rivalry between chefs, accompanied by excellent musicians, excellent cabaret sketches, and a real show, robionego the star of the evening.

The event featured:
- Coverowy band "The Postman", which played the greatest hits of the Beatles
- Song and Dance Ensemble "Śląsk" im. Stanislaus Hadyna,
- Cabaret "Nowak."

Especially for the guests held a cooking show known and popular chef Charles Okrasa.

Gallery of photos from the festival and all the provisions of the preparation during the contest will be the culinary delights on www.slaskiesmaki.pl soon.

* * *
The project was co-funded by the Provincial Government of Silesia.

- Silesian Tourist Organisation

- Office of Municipal Johns
- Local Government Center of Culture and Sport in Janow
- Silesia Group Cooking
- Czestochowa Tourist Organization

Honorary Patrons:
- Minister of Sport and Tourism
- Marshal of the Silesian
- President of Polish Tourist Organisation
- Silesian Chapter of Taste

Media Partners:
- Poland. Official West
- Echo City
- TVP Katowice
- Polish Radio Katowice
- Poland magazine Wit
- Our Town Portal
- Regional Food portal

- Unilever
- Hotel Kmita
- Mineral water Złoty Potok
- Company Admar

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