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Data dodania: 23 října 2013
Agnieszka Łach ŚOT

Join the Route

Are you a restaurant manager? Join our Trail!

       The Silesian Tourist Organisation has been following trends related to culinary arts from several years with great interest. By organizing the subsequent editions of the 'Silesian Tastes' Festival we acknowledge not only an increased interest in local flavours, but even a mass trend for cooking intensified, among others, by television programs. We believe that culinary tourism is a great opportunity for Silesia, so as early as in 2010 we decided to expand the 'Silesian Tastes' project.

       In 2010, the Silesian Tourist Organization commissioned the creation of the 'Development Strategy' and the 'Strategy for commercialization and implementation of the 'Silesian Tastes' tourism product'. These documents has laid out the way of transition from a one-day event to a brand, network tourism product, which 'Silesian Tastes' Culinary Route is to become. The next step to create a new product was to compile a 'Compendium of regional recipes of the Silesian Province' which is the base of 'Certification of restaurants of the Silesian Province'. This certification is to ensure that the regional dishes served at restaurants will be of the highest quality, made by traditional recipes and of the finest ingredients. Only such dishes we can recommend with a clear conscience to tourists visiting our region.

       Restaurants that pass the certification process, which guarantees a high level of cuisine and service, will be inscribed in the 'Silesian Tastes' Culinary Route. The members of the Route are offered with advertising in a broad sense: promotional publications, presentation on the website www.slaskiesmaki.pl, presence of the Route at promotional events of the Silesian Province including tourism fairs and Silesian Tourist Information Points. Studytours for journalists and bloggers are also organised few times a year.

        Every year, the culmination of the promotional activities is the Silesian Tastes Culinary Festival, in which Route members take part - few promotional stand are organised which is a great opportunity to taste diverse dishes from all over the Route. The 'Silesian Tastes' became a recognizable tourism brand. Restaurants treat belonging to the Route as a great distinction. Tourists traveling through Silesian Voivodeship like to join visiting tourism attractions with tasting local dishes. We are pleased that our idea of promoting the Silesian Tastes Cuinary Route became a good one and is praised by tourists. Polish Touris Organisation had appreciated our actions by rewarding the Silesian Tastes Cuinary Route a Certificate for the best touristic product in 2013. Also the European Commision gave the Silesian Tastes Cuinary Route an EDEN prize for European Destination of Excellence 2015.

      The trail was created in 2012 and combines restaurants and dining options serving traditional regional dishes. On the Trail you can taste dishes of traditional cuisine from the entire province. To show the richness of culinary traditions within the Culinary Route, the restaurants on the Trail present 5 tables: Silesian, Jurassic, Zagłębie and Beskid. Currently, there are 27 unique restaurants scattered throughout the province - from the Jura to the Beskids.

     Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail is one of the first culinary tourist routes in Poland. 

Benefits of belonging to the Culinary Trail Silesian Tastes:

  • promotional activities under the common brand "Śląskie Smaki",
  • the ability to act with people who share a common idea,
  • Silesia Tastes Publishing House - about 15,000 overburden per year,
  • attracting customers using the "Discover Silesian Tastes - Travel on the Culinary Route" contest,
  • participation in the Video program cookbook "Silesian Tastes",
  • promotion of activities on the fanpage of the "Silesian Tastes" Culinary Trail - over 5,000 fans,
  • Silesian Tastes Festival,
  • participation in domestic and foreign fairs,
  • visits of bloggers and study tour,
  • promotion in traditional media (including ongoing cooperation with the magazine 2B Style, publications in the SlowLife magazine, Gazeta Wyborcza - also in appendices in other regions of the country).


If you want to join the Silesian Tastes Trail, fill in the application documents and send them to the following address:

Silesian Tourist Organization

Ul. Mickiewicza 29

40-085 Katowice

or by e-mail: poczta@slaskiesmaki.pl





Śląska Organizacja Turystyczna
mail: poczta@slaskiesmaki.pl
tel. 32 207 207 3

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Opis Szlaku i certyfikacji
Wzór umowy o współpracy w ramach Szlaku Kulinarnego „Śląskie Smaki”
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Regulamin wraz z dokumentami zgłoszeniowymi
Opis Szlaku i certyfikacji
Wzór umowy o współpracy w ramach Szlaku Kulinarnego „Śląskie Smaki”
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