History of the 'Silesian Tastes' Festival
Erscheinungsdatum: 23 Oktober 2013

History of the 'Silesian Tastes' Festival

Realizing the immense popularity of Silesian cuisine, its visibility, and above all its extraordinary diversity, the Silesian Tourist Organisation decided to organize an annual celebration of regional cuisine. Promotion of regional dishes was to become a motive encouraging tourists to visit the Silesian Provice. This form of promotion of regional cuisine ensures caring for the culinary and cultural heritage of the region. Each time the 'Silesian Tastes' Festival is held in a different part of the region, which gives an opportunity to discover local delicacies. Each Festival is accompanied by a culinary contest in which the participants, divided into categories, compete for the title of 'Silesian Tastes' Expert and a Gold, Silver or Bronze Colander.

Photo no. 1, winners

Cuisine experts stress that dishes prepared by the Farmer's Wives' Association are an example of a truly traditional, often already forgotten cuisine. The winning restaurants are happy to hang the received diplomas and the winning dishes often appear in their menu. The fact that students of gastronomic schools also challenge themselves with the preparation of traditional regional dishes fills with joy as well. Each time the event is accompanied by numerous shows, cabaret performances, workshops for children, and the entire event is crowned by a concert of Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble. The festival is very popular and is the largest culinary event in the region.

Photo no. 2, Polish National Song and Dance Ensemble "Śląsk"


The first two events under the name 'Silesian Cuisine Festival' were held in Ogrodzieniec in 2006 and a year later in Cieszyn.

Silesian Cuisine Festival Logo

In the scenery of Ogrodzieniec Castle in 2006 the first place in the category of amateurs was taken by Ornontowice Farmer's Wives' Association with ciaper cabbage (boiled sauerkraut) with ribs and kopa (sweet dessert with dried fruits and alcohol). The first place among professionals was won by 'Rycerka' Recreation Center from Tychy for żur (sour rye soup), dumplings with mushrooms and cabbage with peas.
On the Cieszyn market square in 2007 the hearts of the jury were won over by chachor szałot (potato salad with eggs, pickles and smoked bacon), cutlet and pumpkin compote prepared by Ornontowice Farmer's Wives' Association as well as beer soup with cream cheese, stewed pigeon and majoneziki rybne (fish in mayonnaise) on vegetable salad prepared by Karczma pod Lotniskiem (Airport Inn) from Bielsko-Biała.

Photos no. 3, 3-1

Since 2008 the event has been held under the name of the 'Silesian Tastes' Festival and has also gained a new logo.

Logo with a miner

The third 'Silesian Tastes' Festival took place on the market square in Racibórz in 2008. Again the Ornontowice Farmer's Wives' Association gained the title of Silesian Tastes Expert and a Golden Colander. This time the ladies prepared cherry szpajza, guineafowl broth with noodles and stewed guineafowl with patties, colerape, cauliflower and lettuce. In the category of professionals, the School of Economics from Wodzisław Śląski won, whose students prepared a rabbit pate with plum sauce and cranberries, rabbit sour rye soup with potatoes and roasted pigeons with bacon, czarne kluski (potato dumplings) and red cabbage.

Photo no. 4, Racibórz

The fourth 'Silesian Tastes' Festival was held in the castle park in Pszczyna and attracted a real crowd. This time the winning dish were croissants 'Niebo w gębie' ('the taste that rocks one's face'), kwaśnicorka (sauerkraut soup) with smoked bacon and stuffed duck, gray-white dumpling and red cabbage prepared by Farmer's Wives' Association from Kobiernice. The Gold Colander in the category of professionals went to Kilerów Dwóch from Myslowice for hekele on wholemeal toasts, agrest w maclu na mioduli (gooseberries in caramel and honey spirit), sour lungs and knuckle with sauerkraut and Silesian szałot (vegetable salad). The jury included Mrs. Lidia Szary, representative of the Ornontowice Farmer's Wives' Association, three-time winner of the Festival.


Photo no. 5, Pszczyna

Piąty z kolei konkurs kulinarny w ramach Festiwalu „Śląskie Smaki” odbył się w 2010 roku w pobliżu Stawu Amerykan, w Złotym Potoku. Zwyciężyła natomiast drużyna z drugiego końca regionu: Team rodzinny z Czarkowa za placki ziemniaczane z gulaszem z sarny, rosół z pierogami z czarnej kaczki oraz przepiórki w sosie własnym z różyczkami puree i szparagami w sosie śmietanowym. Wśród profesjonalistów ponownie prym wiodło Kilerów Dwóch z Hotelu Qubus z Katowic z wędzoną piersią z gęsi z sałatką śląską, deserem z rabarbaru, zupą- duet kremowy z dyni i pokrzyw oraz udkiem kaczki z kluskami tartymi i kwaśnymi jabłkami.


Photo no. 6, Złoty Potok

In 2011 a marketing strategy was created for 'Silesian Tastes' and a new logo for the Festival. It debuted at the sixth 'Silesian Tastes' Festival, which took place in Chopin Park in Gliwice. This time the appreciation of the jury was gained by Farmer's Wives' Association from Wisła Wielka for the sum of Goczałkowickie Lake sirloin in mustard-honey sauce with toasted bread, duck soup with a homely thick-cut pasta and livers dumplings, and duck drumsticks with fusiaste kluski (potato dumplings) and beetroot with horseradish. Among the professionals again a gastronomic school triumphed: this time the Vocational School from Żarki for cheesecake with cranberry sauce, Silesian onion soup and duck with apples and cranberries, toasted hulled barley and red cabbage.

The new logo

Photo no. 7, Gliwice

In 2012, in the Silesian Park during the seventh 'Silesian Tastes' Festival culinary competition participants were first divided into three categories: amateurs, gastronomic schools' students and professionals. First places and Golden Colanders went to:

  • Family Team from Czarków for smoked pork, liver sausage, brawn and bread, broth of pheasant and beef with noodles of quail eggs and meatballs of beef and pheasant and deer meat roulade, two kinds of Silesian dumplings, Silesian white and red cabbage and pumpkin compote;
  • The Gastronomic School from Katowice for herring trio, pumpkin soup and porkshank confit served on panczkraut (sour cabbage with potatoes) with beer sauce.
  • 'EM' Restaurant from Koziegłowy for carrot cake, kurzina (nettle soup) and rabbit roulade with sauce, beetroot and cimorajda.


Photo no. 8, Chorzów

Thousands of people came in 2013 to the Town Hall Square in Bielsko-Biała during the VIII 'Silesian Tastes' Festival. In the category of amateurs first place was awarded for the third time to Family Team from Czarków. This time they showed off with a volcano with a vegetable salad, mushroom soup and pork cutlet with new cabbage and potatoes. Among gastronomic schools the first place went to Girls from Gastronomic School of the School of Gastronomy and Commerce in Bielsko-Biała for wuszt (sausage) with red sauce, zupa na beztydniu (bread soup) and Sunday ribs with potatoes from grandma's piekarok (stone oven) with beet. Whereas in the category of professionals the hearts of the jury were conquered by the prince's pantry preserves: goose lard with apple and onion accompanied by semi-pickled cucumber, goose pate with pear-cherry-plum confit, alder wood-smoked goose breast with marinated mushrooms and cold soup of young beet leaves with quail eggs and veal sweetbread with penny buns and shallots served with pear pancakes with blackcurrant and quince sauce prepared by Stara Piekarnia (Old Bakery) Restaurant from Pszczyna.

 Photo no. 9, Bielsko-Biała


The 10th "Silesian Tases" Festival took place in Wisła.  Many people came there to take part in the most tasty festival in all over the region. Thete was also the possibility to taste dishes served by restaurants belonging to the Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail. In the culinary competition, once again won the Gastronomy School from Bielsko-Biała (in school category). In professionals category won the Laskowo Hotel Spa and in amteurs category won the "Ośrodek Carina" from Wisła. After culinary competition, there was a culinary battle between Remigiusz Rączka and Helena Legierska from Wisła. They both had to prepare soup made of cabbage. Traditionally, the Festival ended with the "Śląsk" Song and Dance Assembly concert.



 The winners of the 10 th "Silesian Tastes" Festival are:

I - "Ośrodek Karina" from Wisla (Wisla yeast cake with fruit served with tea and herbs, cheese soup with potatoes and "zebroczka wislanska")
II - Studenckie Koło Naukowe from Silesian Medical University  (Szpajza in art style, Chudo Jewa, Silesian beef roulade with dumpling and red cabbage)
III- Country Hoesewife Club from Kłobuck (Cabbage rolls with millet, Cake with semolina and apples, Moushroom soup with forcemeat balls, pork chops with herbs ans onion served with potatoes and breaded cabbage)

I- Paula i Dima from Trade Schools Assembly from Bielsko-Biała (Beetroot cream, Rostbef with potatoes and cabbage, Szpajza made with hay)
II- Trade school from Żarki (rhubarb cake with pudding served with cherry sauce, cream soup with herbs and leek, duck with carmelised beetroots and cabbage served with raspberry sauce and baked potatoes) 
III- Trade Schools Assembly from Bielsko-Biała (second team) (pancakes made from nettle and garlic, kohlrabi soup, Beef cheeks in own sauce with chickpeas puree and vegetables)  

I- Restaurant from Laskowo Hotel Spa (Smoked bacon served with bread with burnt hay, Sour soup with buttermilk, Quail with new potatoes)

II - Restaurant Frykówka​ (Stewed prune in heather honey served with walnut cream cheese, crumble and caramel sauce; Bread soup with lovage and celery to the broth with homemade chicken served with yolk soft, oxtail braised in red wine with vegetables served on a pigeon, buckwheat groats and horseradish with shallots, mushrooms and grilled zucchini)
III- Chata Olimpijczyka from Wisła (Bacon and liver with onion, Cabbage soup with potatoes and mushrooms, potato pancakes with cream and butter).