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Kurna Chata Restaurant

The restaurant it’s not only a place that serves Silesian cuisine. This restaurant is decorated in a typical Silesian style, like homes where decorated here few decades ago. Customers can find here Silesian culture and great regional flavours. It's like having a dinner at your grandmother's home.


street Damrota 53
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: restaurant
: Polish
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: +48 32 327 28 14
: +48 603 910 830
: whole year

Mon- Sat 12:00- 22:00

Sun 12:00- 21:00



The Church of St Mary Magdalene in Tychy was built in 1780-82. It was the third successive church in Tychy, but the first one built of brick.  The oldest, wooden sacred building  must have existed  here as early as the sixteenth century. Its present form results from the rebuilding work carried out at the beginning of the last century.  The late-Baroque  church was significantly enlarged, and after some time  a tower with a distinctive helmet was added.
"In Tychy, in addition to the well-known Prince Brewery, there was also a plant for the production of beer called the Civic Brewery. It started operating in the late nineteenth century, when it was owned by the company Brauerei Aktien Gesellschaft Brieger. After a century, the plant was shut down in 1999, and currently, its old buildings are owned by a private company. It houses an entertainment center with a restaurant and a music club.
Just before the outbreak of WW2, Tychy was a small Silesian town with roughly 11 thousand inhabitants. Shortly after the war, the Communist authorities made a decision to expand the town, which eventually became a city inhabited by more than 100 thousand people. Thanks to this political decision, today, the city represents a wide spectrum of planning and architectural solutions - from Socialist realism to Postmodernism.
"The tradition of brewing in Tychy goes back in 1629, which is marked in the beer label - under the crown prince. A modern brewery was built in this town by Duke Johann Heinrich Hochberg von Pless XI in the second half of the nineteenth century. It was later developed into one of the largest breweries in the Polish lands. The Tychy Brewery presents its history and today’s times .This is a combination of a modern museum with a tour of the modern facility and tasting a recognized brand of beer."
The City Museum in Tychy was established in 2005. As befits the industrial city, it is housed in the historic building of an old drying plant of grain stillage (spent barley grains) built in 1909 and located in the premises of Prince's Brewery of Tychy. The museum has organized several interesting exhibitions, devoted mainly to Tychy and its environs. This institution is a meeting place for people of culture and education and conducts publishing activities.
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The 'Silesian Tastes' Culinary Route

The Restaurant is located near Paprocany Lake in Tychy and specializes in Silesian cuisine.
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Hotel in historic building dating from 1898, located near Tyskie Brewery and the Flowers of the Silesian Exchange.
Bed 1 - and 2 - person in the sports complex MOSiR in building an indoor pool.
Located in the city center (city center), near the main offices and public institutions.
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